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I hope you are doing, first, I would like to thank Joe and Thomas for this event !

All the contributions are available on : Azure Spring Clean official website : https://www.azurespringclean.com/

I will talk about the Diagnostic Settings. We often tend to forget it even if it is part of the Microsoft recommendations in Azure Security Center.

What is the Diagnostic Settings ?

Before talking about the Diagnostic Settings, we must understand the data source on Azure Monitor.

As you know, Azure Monitor is based on different Logs and Metrics that we can collect from multiple resources. …

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.

Today’s post will talk about deploying an Azure resource or service into multiple subscriptions through GitHub Actions.

What does it mean ?

Let’s take a use case; Let’s assume that I have an Azure Policy that I want to deploy using GitHub Actions (using the Action of Azure Policies). I want to deploy it to several subscriptions, but I want to do it in one time !

GitHub Actions : How to use Azure Policy Action ?

In this link, you will find the Action that deploys (creates or updates) a definition of Azure Policy and may Assign it. The documentation explains…

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well and you spent a good christmas even with the current situation and happy new year !

It’s been a while I didn’t write a post, It’s just because I had a lot of other things beside. I moved to a new position in Devoteam MCloud so I had to take my time to integrate, I should confess that a change has never been easy for me.

As the title mention, today’s post will be about allowing a private connection to the Azure Logic Apps using Azure Private Link. Is that possible …

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.

Today’s post will be about the organization of Terraform Repository.

Recently, I had a huge number of resources to deploy using Terraform, we did it in a monothic way. In another words we had something like :

As a result of this, we got a huge state file. It may be ok if we had a small project without a lot of components. But since we got an important infrastructure, believe me, we had some problems.

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.

Since it’s been a while that I did not talk about Infra-As-Code (IaC), I decided to write a post about it. Today’s topic will be about Terraform Import.

Let’s get into the heart of the topic. Let’s suppose that I already have an amazing infrastructure deployed with terraform :

(Yes, it is an amazing infrastructure that contains an App Service). The terraform code that deploys the App Service is pushed in my git repo.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Azure has announced the release of the private link for Azure Batch in the West US 2, East US, South Central US, US Gov Virginia, and US Gov Arizona regions at the time of writing.

The private link for Azure will solve some security problems. The important one is the Public IP Address.

Actually, the Batch creates automatically public IP addresses (one for each 50 instances) so the Nodes (The Virtual Machines) may be accessed.

Once again, in a project where the security matters, security guys won’t appreciate the fact that we have…

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well and you are enjoying your holidays.

Today’s post is far away from security, I will try to explore new possibilities with Azure API Management. As I said in the Azure Advent Calendar, we may manage Google Maps API through API Management.

In this post, I will show you a demonstration about it. First, We will need an instance of Azure API Management, so let’s create one :

Hey everyone ! As you may know, the Azure Private link is the new security toy, it covers too many Azure Services. I already wrote some articles about it :

In this article, It is the Azure Key Vault! Azure Key Vault is covered with Private Link too and it is on GA. …

Hey everyone, Recently the Self-Hosted Gateway of the Azure API Management was released to GA.

The Self-Hosted Gateway will open a door and create a way to enable the hybrid cloud. It means, now, we can deploy Azure API Management anywhere !

  • In another cloud provider, On-Premises or both :
  • What are the benefits ?

First you will get benefit of all what Azure API Management offers (Policies, Logs …), then let’s assume that you already use APIM on another project on Azure and you want to keep the same policy for another application deployed inside another Cloud Provider. …

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. Recently Azure released a set of Private Links for Azure Services as you can check here.

In addition, they added some new services on preview, such as App Service ! What does it mean ? Well it means as below :

We can get a private access to the App Service through the private link. Which means that you can get a private Ip address to your App Service rather than a public shared one. …

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