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  • Khalil ANEBDOUR

    Khalil ANEBDOUR

    software engineer, Eager to learn new things. ✌🏼

  • Raghavendra Reddy Nagareddy

    Raghavendra Reddy Nagareddy

  • Venkata Jayaraman

    Venkata Jayaraman

  • Firas Mdimagh

    Firas Mdimagh

    Cloud & DevOps Consultant

  • Juarez Junior

    Juarez Junior

    Azure Developer Relations Lead @ Microsoft. Invite me to speak about #Blockchain #IoT #AI #Java #Python #EmergingTechnologies #DevRel πŸ₯‘

  • Houssem Dellai

    Houssem Dellai

    Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, ex MVP, Cloud & DevOps enthusiast. I share what I learn in my professional experience through articles and videos.

  • Ayoub Chaabi

    Ayoub Chaabi

  • Khader Mohammed

    Khader Mohammed

    CEO/CTO β€” AI ML start-up, AWS/GCP Cloud Solutions Architect/DevOps, Google Data Eng/Google Cloud Arch, Digital Trans Exec, CISO/CSM/EA/Investor/Mgt Consulting

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