Securely access to the Azure App Service using Private Link

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. Recently Azure released a set of Private Links for Azure Services as you can check here.

In addition, they added some new services on preview, such as App Service ! What does it mean ? Well it means as below :

We can get a private access to the App Service through the private link. Which means that you can get a private Ip address to your App Service rather than a public shared one. As we talked in the previous posts of the Private Link, this will help you to get out from the internet (Isolation from the internet) !

  • How can we do this ?

First create the App Service as below

Then Create a Private Link. Until now, the Private Link is available only in East US and West US 2 .

Then fill the form. You can find the private link for the APP Service and the SCM.

If you try to access to the Web App after enabling the private link, you get :

  • Some notes to remember :

To secure the outbound, you need to activate the Regional VNet Integration. By configuring it, you can benefit of some networking features such as NSGs or UDRs :

To use it, you have to enable it through the portal like :

Then configure your Virtual Network

For more information :

  • You need a PremiumV2 to work with these functionalities.

I hope it helps, here is a link that explains more about the private endpoint and App Service : .

The next post, I will show you how to create the scenario above automatically using Github Actions !

Bella ciao,

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